Created in 1995 when two engineers, Phil White and Gérard Vroomen, decided to market their work developing faster time trial bikes. They started a bike design from scratch when a top-ranked Italian pro cyclist approached Gérard to design the fastest possible time trial bike for him.

The team evaluated the bikes on the market, and set a design goal for the bike that was difficult and uncompromising. They wanted something that was unbeatable in aerodynamics yet sacrificed nothing in weight or stiffness. Cervélo has grown from the dreams of these budding engineers working out of a garage to a company with more engineers than bike models.

In 2012 we became part of the Pon Bicycle Group, who give us access to resources to allow us to continue to grow and continue what we do best—to engineer better bikes. We look forward to continuing to surprise you with innovation that allows you achieve your dreams and goals.

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