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Our store has a vast selection of bikes and accessories, and we are equally knowledgeable about all of them. We have access to millions of options for your new bicycle purchase and we are more than happy to special order any product at no additional charge.

We understand that a bicycle at any level is an investment, but the additional accessories help you enjoy that investment. In hopes of sharing our passion with all of our customers, and easing the financial stress of the investment, we offer a 15% discount on all additional products the day you purchase a bicycle from us.

Mox Shop

It’s easy to feel lost in a sea of options when starting the process of getting a new bicycle. No matter what your goal is, MOX Multisport has the equipment and knowledge to get you started down the road towards your goals. Our extensive product lines are only out done by the complete and detailed knowledge of our staff. We can answer any question and do so in a pressure free environment.

Even with knowledge of multiple products, the decision making process is only made easier by friendly advice for the product that would best suit your needs. Our staff is trained to inform the customer of all the benefits of a product, as well as any common deficiencies. Our knowledge and expertise will allow you to make the right decision for you and your goals.

Come into MOX and let us ease the process of buying a new bicycle. All of our bikes come with the year long fit and ride guarantee, all positioning and mechanical issues are taken care of by our professional staff. All of our bikes fit correctly, ride well, and will fit your needs perfectly. Contact us with any questions, or stop by the store to let us help you begin the road to completing your goals, whatever they may be!


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