MOX Multisport is home to one of the best cycling teams in the Chicago area. We are an extremely friendly group of guys and gals who want to stay in shape and prove that small teams can race well while offering a great sense of cohesion.

Team Mox

As a smaller team, the community feel and friendly atmosphere is ever present. You will always have a team member in your race, and friend to have a beer with after.

Once the weather gets nice we start our Sunday morning group ride.  The ride leaves the shop at 7:30am Sunday morning.  There are two route options (routes posted below with GPS details).  Both start out together, the way out moving pace is roughly 18-20mph.  Once the rides hit the turnaround point for the short ride, the Full-pull option picks up the pace for the remainder of the ride.  Both rides are open to everyone, so come ride bikes with us.

We also have unparalleled access to the newly remodeled computrainer center.

If you have any questions about the team, please feel free to reach out to us.

Our group ride route info:

full       short

                    Full-pull group ride                                                                  Short-option