Custom Builds


Custom builds are a huge part of what we do. From commuters and touring bikes to race bikes for the road, trail, or cyclocross course, we’ve probably built something similar in the past. The true beauty of a custom build? There won’t be another just like it…ever.

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Why do a custom build

Building a custom bike is much more than just picking some parts and running some cables. A custom build is an expression of your personality, a physical manifestation of your cycling taste. Maybe you grew up watching road racing in Europe and long for a flashy European frame with Campagnolo. Maybe you’re an intense supporter of local business and want us to source a frame handmade in Chicago out of US-sourced tubing, we can do that too. Or maybe you commute every day and just want the perfect ride to get you from home to work efficiently and comfortably, something that will last for years but still excite you each time you roll out the door, we do that as well.

What’s included

Each custom build is a little different. Sometimes your custom build starts with nothing more than some questions and a piece of paper. From there we fit you on our Calfee Fit Machine. We pick every angle, every color, every part. Sometimes we start with a stock frame which we fit you to and pick the parts from there. Sometimes we start with your current bike and breathe some new life into it, reassign it to the current usage.

No matter which example fits you, or if your scenario is different still, each custom build includes the same level of detail. A Surly Cross-Check gets the same love as an Independent Fabrication Titanium Factory Lightweight or a Raleigh Roper.