Think beyond your ride. The best rides start with being comfortable on the bike. Getting fit to your bike means giving you more power – power to move faster and farther, more often, and more comfortably and efficiently.

Whether you’re thinking about a new rig, or want to be more comfortable on your bike, make an appointment and we’ll set you up.


Why its important

Your bike ride starts at your fit.  With only three contact points on the bike, your bars, saddle, and pedals are supporting all of your weight.  Add to a relatively small point of contact that in an hour of riding you’ll push the pedals around roughly 5,000 times you can begin to imagine why fit plays such an important factor.  Beyond just being comfortable, your bike fit can help prevent injury and increase the enjoyment you get from riding.

Whether you’re looking to get into consistently riding, start commuting, finish your first race, progress to a new cycling category, or eek out a few seconds on your triathlon bike split, fit is the place to start.

Types of Fits

With pedals being one of your few contact points, your cleats have not only the important role of putting your power into the bike but also supporting much of your body weight.  Cleats are also fixed into position, making the proper placement even more important.

This fit covers both your bike or one of our bikes.  Stock bike fits involve a pre-made frame from just about any manufacturer.  In this fit we address biomechanical issues and injuries and make adjustments taking these things into account.  Once working on the fit we address saddle height as well as fore/aft adjustments to properly position you seated relative to your attachment to the pedals.  Once a proper saddle position has been found, we begin to address handlebar position.  Through measurements, trials, real-world riding, we find the best position for the type of riding you desire.

The custom bike fit works much like the stock bike fit in the way we work with you to establish a position.  Once the position is determined is when the custom fit really gets fun: we take your fit contact points and design a custom frame to be manufactured specifically to your specs.  Working with BikeCAD we create the blueprint in which your custom frame will be manufactured then work directly with you and your builder of choice so you can ride away with your dream machine.

What to bring

When coming to your fit appointment make sure to bring:

  • Your current shoes and pedals, unless we’re getting you new ones
  • Cycling shorts of your choice
  • Gloves if you plan to ride with them
  • Your current bike for a starting point of reference
  • An open mind, plenty of free time, and a desire to make cycling more fun, efficient, and comfortable