With over 25 years of bike shop experience, our mechanics pride themselves on being able to turn any wrench on any machine. As a full-fledged repair and maintenance shop, we offer friendly and honest services that is always on time and always done right. We guarantee it!

Any and all repair work starts at $5. Our mechanics are proficient professionals, and as such, their time and knowledge are extremely valuable. But remember, if you bought your bike with us within the last year, all repairs are free of charge!

Complete Tune Up – $90.00

Brake Adjustments
Shifting Adjustments
Torque Check
Wheel True
Inflate Tires
Entire Bicycle Inspection
Frame Cleaning
Drive Train Cleaning
**Does NOT include part replacement costs.

À La Carte Menu

Brake Adjustment – $15.00 per Brake
Shift Adjustment – $15.00 per Derailleur
Wheel True – Starting @ $20.00 per wheel
Broken Spoke Replacement – $20.00 per Spoke
Bottom Bracket & Crankset Re-lubrication – $40.00
Fix-A-Flat – $20.00 (Includes Tube)
Tubular Gluing – $40.00 (Includes Glue)
Bar Tape Installation – $10.00
Box-A-Bike – $70.00 (Includes Box & Packing Materials)
Unbox-A-Bike – $70.00
Build-A-Bike – $200.00

Repairs are welcome as walk-ins or can be scheduled ahead of time. All repairs are given a free estimate in both time and price right when you drop it off with the mechanics. Some repairs may incur additional charges in parts or labor. Any additional charges will be verified by phone or email before a mechanic continues on with the work.

Please contact us with any questions related to repairs and maintenance.